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If you wish to contribute events & information, please send an email to before the 5th of each month. The text should be in exactly the words you wish to appear in the newsletter, as it will probably be copied and pasted. Include date, time, place (with address or Zoom link), and some details about what is going to happen or who will appear. Please remember that Strictly East covers only events from the Caldecott, East to Modesto, and from Vallejo in the North to Livermore in the South. The only exception is virtual events.

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Special items — too Late to print

Alibi Bookshop Book Club: POETRY! April 28th, 7pm
April is National Poetry Month! Instead of a book to discuss this month, we
will be celebrating what else -- poetry!
On April 28 at 7pm, please join us on Zoom and bring a poem -- an old
favorite, a new one you have sought out (it's the perfect month to do
that), or one you wrote yourself -- to read to the group. (Or you can just
listen and enjoy.)
Hopefully next month we will be back in person.


demos rising anthology

In an era of 'post-truth', 'fake news' and misinformation, the right to
protest, the right to a democratic society, feel more urgent than ever. For
anthology 'Demos Rising', we will raise the voices of international writers
and artists, across genres and oceans, to draw attention to worldwide
injustices and celebrate the power of words to bring about change.

We will release the title in October 2022 and donate 5% of the profits to
Amnesty International UK.
details here:




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